What is a funeral celebrant?
18 March 2019

What is a Funeral Celebrant and What is Their Role?

18 March 2019,

We look at what a Funeral Celebrant is and their role. For non-religious, spiritual, or semi-religious ceremonies a celebrant may be a better fit.

1 February 2019

Memorial Cards Explained

1 February 2019,

Memorial Cards make a lovely keepsake for those friends and family that attend the service and a thoughtful gift for someone that cannot participate.

Funeral Traditions | Fitting Farewell | Blog
4 January 2019

Where Did Funeral Traditions Come From?

4 January 2019,

In this article, we look at where did funeral traditions come from? Funerals are a part of life and something that we will all likely attend at various times. The process might seem unusual, and you may have wondered where these funeral traditions started and how they came about.

Legacy Videos and Memorial Slideshows | Fitting Farewell | Blog
2 January 2019

Creating Legacy Videos and Memorial Slideshows

2 January 2019,

When someone close passes away, it is natural to want to gather photos of them into one place and reminisce over them with other people. Legacy videos, a collection of photos compiled into a slideshow, have become a popular way to create a lasting tribute to a loved one.

21 December 2018

Pet Visits to Hospices

21 December 2018,

In this article, we discuss Pet Visits to Hospices. When a loved one requires hospice care, things can be very strained for all involved. […]

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