Funeral Traditions | Fitting Farewell | Funeral Order of Service
6 September 2018

Funerals Explained: Funeral Traditions

6 September 2018,

Across the world, you will find a vast variety of funeral traditions that are followed after a person dies. In this article, we look at how funerals and funeral traditions developed in the UK?

Traditional Burial | Fitting Farewell | Funeral Order of Service
1 September 2018

Funerals Explained: Traditional Burial

1 September 2018,

Cremation is the most popular form of funeral, but for many, a burial is preferred. What should you expect from a traditional burial?

Memorial Websites - Fitting Farewell Blog
15 August 2018

Creating Memorial Websites

15 August 2018,

Memorial websites offer space for family and friends to create a legacy page for the deceased. Most provide free areas, and some have paid plans if you want to add extra functionality. A page is designed for the person. Anyone that knew them can come and share their memories and tell stories. It is an excellent way for people to learn more about the person.

21 June 2018

How to Write the Perfect Eulogy

21 June 2018,

There is often a lot of anxiety surrounding writing a eulogy. People fear that they fall short of the perfect farewell. The truth is that eulogies come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you are giving the eulogy or writing it for your celebrant to read, this guide can help.

20 June 2018

7 Beautiful Poems For A Memorial Card

20 June 2018,

Finding the right words at a time of great sadness can be hard, but luckily other people have written some perfect words for memorial cards and funerals.

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