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20 September 2013

Pre-planning a funeral

20 September 2013,

Planning a funeral for a loved one is a difficult and often upsetting process. However, it can be made slightly more bearable if you and your loved one have pre-planned your funeral beforehand. You never know when you may fall ill or have an accident so it is best to be prepared.

14 September 2013

Restoration of Coffin Fittings Works in Birmingham

14 September 2013,

Birmingham Conservation Trust are working on a project to restore Newman Brothers Coffin Fittings Works in Fleet Street.

This was a working building for over 100 years until it closed in 1999. It is typical of the type of building that sprung up in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham in the late 19th Century. Newman Brothers specialised in producing high quality coffin fittings in solid brass and later moulded resin. They also made shrouds and coffin linings.

Stranger on the shore - Fitting Farewell blog image
14 September 2013

Stranger on the Shore – A Final Journey

14 September 2013,

People are so inventive when it comes to funerals and fulfilling the last wishes of a loved one. We came across this amazing story, which was shared on Facebook. If you didn’t see it here it is. The story was posted by the team at Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort (in Key Colony Beach, Florida).

Funeral classics - ideas and suggestions
27 August 2013

Funeral songs, and what they can say about us

27 August 2013,

When choosing funeral songs or music for the funeral service, there are three main routes people take – classical favourites, pop songs, or humorous pieces to raise a smile on such a sad occasion.

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23 July 2013

Making things easier when you’re gone

23 July 2013,

You should always consider how to make things easier for your loved ones when you’re gone. Nobody wants to think about a time when they will no longer be alive, but unfortunately that day will come. If it’s been planned in advance the strain left on loved ones can be significantly reduced, easing the grieving process as much as possible.

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