Christmas Remembrance services
11 December 2018

Christmas Remembrance Services

11 December 2018,

Christmas Remembrance Services can be a lovely way to spend time reflecting on your time together. You will have the chance to remember your loved one and reflect on their life.

If we love, we grieve. That's the deal - Nick Cave
5 November 2018

If we love, we grieve. That’s the deal.

5 November 2018,

Nick Cave recently answered a question on his blog, The Red Hand Files, about whether he ever felt he was in touch with his son, Arthur, who died in 2015.

funeral photography | Fitting Farewell | Funeral Order of Service specialists
11 October 2018

Funeral Photography

11 October 2018,

Have you heard of Funeral Photography? It may not be something you initially consider but could be a touching way to remember the day.

Funerals Explained - Humanist Service
10 October 2018

Funerals Explained: Humanist Service

10 October 2018,

In our short series, Funerals Explained we look at a Humanist Service. It is a form of funeral ceremony that is non-religious. For many, it makes the perfect choice over traditional church-based funerals.

Catholic funerals explained | Fitting Farewell
13 September 2018

Funerals Explained: Catholic Service

13 September 2018,

A Catholic service might be a little different from other funeral services you have been to. Here is a quick rundown of what happens at Catholic services.

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