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Nearly all of our Memorial Cards are printed on both sides. This allows for photographs, short poems, or readings of your choice. We can print on the reverse or on the inside and back pages for folded cards. Our cards are gloss laminated or matt laminated for additional durability. We can offer unlaminated versions if required.

Include Family Photographs

We know how personal Memorial Cards need to be. We have helped many customers put their ideas into print. We have found photos of favourite mountain ranges, flowers, flags and many other items or places. We can include photographs and special poems written or chosen by family and friends.

Add Finishing Touches

With a Memorial Card we often get a little extra time to add those extra touches that mean so much. Many of our customers contact us to tell us how pleased they are with the results.

We Listen To Your Ideas

We offer folded cards with poems on the back and family photos inside with a reading or poem. We will try include all your ideas if possible. Our designs are very flexible.

We can place almost any image you require on the front with any wording. If you can’t see what you want then just give us a call. We are happy to create exactly what you want.


Price includes bespoke design and images, retouching, printing, envelopes, standard delivery & VAT. No extras to pay.

Memorial Cards30405075100150200
A7 folded£143£149£154£160£171£193£220
A6 single sided£132£138£143£149£160£182£204
A6 double sided£143£149£154£160£171£193£215

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