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14 September 2017

Advice on Funeral Readings

14 September 2017,

When planning a service, your funeral directors may talk to you about funeral readings. It is a common part of the ceremony.  This is often something that panics people because they are unsure of what to choose. The common fear is getting it wrong. 

Order of service funeral ideas | Fitting Farewell
10 September 2017

Need order of service funeral ideas?

10 September 2017,

It is a job that nobody wants but where do you go if you need order of service funeral ideas? Many families turn to their funeral director for guidance. They can tell families what needs to be included and what options they have. Some people search the internet to find a funeral printing service. Fitting Farewell work with funeral directors and also direct with families.

Lavender Meadow Funeral Order of Service by Fitting Farewell
11 August 2017

Funeral Order of Service Ideas and Inspiration

11 August 2017,

Need Funeral Order of Service Ideas? They not only acts as a guide to those attending the funeral but become a treasured memory.

A Childs Grief - Fitting Farewell Blog image
4 August 2017

Memory Boxes – A Beautiful Way to Capture A Memory

4 August 2017,

Memory Boxes are a beautiful way to capture a memory. They enable loved ones to sit with the box and feel closer to the person who has passed away.

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