Sending Thank You Cards
13 October 2013

Sending Thank You Cards After A Funeral

13 October 2013,

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Whether or not the death was expected or a surprise, the grief can still be overwhelming. For many it can be so overwhelming that you become unable to communicate with the outside world. Often overcome with grief, it is common for people to hide away from the support offered to them as they struggle to deal with their grief. However, it is at times like these that your family and friends will rally around and do all they can to support you. You will often receive sympathy cards, flowers and many other tokens of sympathy from those close to you.

Receiving a Testimonial
30 September 2013

Thank you for the wonderful work

30 September 2013,

Receiving a testimonial from a family member after the funeral is always very humbling. At such a difficult time for the family the fact that someone takes the time and trouble to contact us is always very special to us. It makes what we do feel so worthwhile.

Remembering someone special by lighting a candle
30 September 2013

Remembering your loved ones with bespoke memorial cards

30 September 2013,

At Fitting Farewell we specialise in all kinds of funeral stationery, including bespoke memorial cards. Memorial cards are becoming increasingly popular as a way to celebrate and remember your loved ones. We can help you to design a personal and bespoke keepsake that will honour the life of your loved one and help you to share those cherished memories with your family and friends. Whether you want a memorial card to give within your funeral order of service or perhaps on to send on the first anniversary of your loved ones passing, we can help you to create the perfect tribute.

Creating a Funeral Checklist - Practical Advice
25 September 2013

How to plan a funeral

25 September 2013,

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming and knowing who you need to contact can be very confusing. There can be so many things to arrange before a funeral can even take place which, if you have never experienced them, can be daunting. This simple guide covers the key elements to planning a funeral for your loved one. It should help to simplify the process and make things easier at a time of tremendous grief.

Sample design for Textured Paper Funeral Order of Service
23 September 2013

Funeral Order of Service Cards

23 September 2013,

Planning a funeral for a loved one can be a difficult task. As well as coping with your grief, you have the pressure of trying to ensure they have the funeral they would have wanted – and making sure every aspect of the service is perfect. A Funeral Order of Service is a touching way to remember your loved one. They ensure everyone at the funeral has not only a keepsake of their loved one but also a personalised commemoration of their life. Whether you want to choose a traditional and religious style or something more personal and informal with poems and photographs, a Funeral Order of Service is a key part of any funeral.

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