17 January 2016

Tributes to Lemmy, Bowie & Alan Rickman

17 January 2016,

January has been a sad month so far with the passing of Lemmy of Motorhead, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. The outpouring of love and affection for this high-profile group of talented individuals has been quite incredible.

Candles of Remembrance for Tunisia shootings
4 July 2015

Remembering those who lost their lives in Tunisia

4 July 2015,

A minute’s silence was observed in the UK on 3rd July to commemorate those who lost their lives whilst holidaying abroad in Tunisia, where 38 people were shot by a lone gunman.

28 June 2015

A Celebration of Life or a funeral?

28 June 2015,

Should funerals be ‘a Celebration of Life’ or more traditional? That is a key question for all of us who have lost someone special. Last week I read a very interesting article by a parish priest who was critical of the trend towards funerals being ‘a celebration of life’ rather than a more reflective and sombre act of mourning and remembrance.

Grief and despair - Fitting Farewell Blog Image
3 February 2015

Dealing with grief and bereavement

3 February 2015,

Dealing with grief when losing a loved one is different for everyone. Bereavement happens to all of us at some point and we know we are going to be faced by the loss of someone close. Generally we expect it to be an elderly relative, but that is not always the case. However the loss occurs it can be a long and slow process coming to terms with the grief we feel.

Saying Goodbye - Fitting Farewell Blog Image
20 January 2015

Saying goodbye to a loved one

20 January 2015,

This article is on funeral order of service and saying goodbye to a loved one in a personal and individual way. The funeral service being used as a celebration of someone’s life is becoming more popular in modern society. The increasing personalisation we see these days is part of a growing trend, perhaps as we become a more secular society. The importance of a funeral service these days seems to be more focused on saying goodbye to a loved one.

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