Here are some of the more common questions we get asked about Images & Photos by our customers.
Can I use my own photographs?
Yes. We have different options for conventional prints, digital photographs and scans. The central idea of Fitting Farewell is the ability to include a photograph of your loved one on the funeral stationery.
Can I send you conventional prints?
You can send us a family photograph by registered post and we will scan it for you for inclusion on your funeral stationery. Please be aware that this must be sent for Next Day Delivery as we are usually working to a very tight schedule.

Your photographs will be returned to you by registered post after they have been scanned and stored digitally.
Can I send digital photographs or scans?
You can send us the image as a digital file. If the image has been taken on a digital camera or scanned in already you can send it via our Dropbox on the website. You will fill in a brief form and then browse for the image(s) on your PC and then upload them to our Dropbox. It is very quick and simple.
What types of digital images can I upload?
We accept all the most common formats but would recommend JPEG or TIFF if possible because these give the best quality. We will always review any images you supply of your loved one to ensure they are of a good enough quality for printing. You can upload your images using the Dropbox feature on our website. It is very easy to send us your pictures.
Can you handle very large digital files?
With modern digital cameras the files sizes can be quite large but our Dropbox feature can handle files up to 2Gb in size. It is very easy to send us your pictures.
Can you make sure the scan I send is good enough for printing?
We will assess the digital file and make sure it is good enough to use on the funeral stationery. We will do all we can to enhance the quality where required by using the leading industry software. If we feel an image is not suitable, we will inform you straight away so that alternatives can be explored.

If a photo looks poor quality and quite blurry before you send it then there is very little we can do to improve it significantly. We can improve discoloured polaroids and retouch images to remove creases or marks.
Can I use paintings or drawings on the funeral stationery?
Yes. We can scan in any paintings or drawings that are not mounted on board or painted onto solid materials like wood or stone. Please be aware that the largest size that we can accommodate for scanning is A2. The digital image will be reduced to fit the size of the funeral stationery.
Is there a charge for retouching photographs?
We do not charge for light retouching on photographs. This would include small blemishes or marks that can be quickly removed.

If an image requires extensive retouching or the person needs to be ‘cutout’ digitally from the image background we may make a small additional charge of £10. We will always inform you of this before proceeding to get your permission.

As a general rule, we try not to charge for additional work unless absolutely necessary.
Got more questions?
Simply call us on 0800 612 6484 – it is free from a landline – if you have any questions. We are experts in the design and printing of funeral stationery and are happy to help if we can.

Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of our designers will call you back.

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