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2 January 2019
2 January 2019,
In this article, we look at creating Legacy Videos and Memorial Slideshows. In the digital age, we seem to end up with photographs scattered all over our devices with very little structure. Our grandparents and parents often have books of photos taking pride of place on the shelves, but none of them seems particularly accessible or shareable.

When someone close passes away, it is natural to want to gather photos of them into one place and reminisce over them with other people. Legacy videos, a collection of photos compiled into a slideshow, have become a popular way to create a lasting tribute to a loved one.

Creating Your Legacy Videos

There are plenty of sites that offer this service, such as Animoto, and to help keep the process as simple as possible they have a selection of templates that you can choose from. There is also a great range of suitable music to go with the video. Following the instructions, you upload the images you have found and watch as the magic creates your video. If you have paper photographs, you can either take a digital snap of them or scan them into the computer. You can make sure all the special memories are included. The site also allows you to create a mix of photos and video clips to capture the character of the person that has passed. The process is so straightforward that it doesn’t take long. This company does have a small monthly charge for hosting the video, but of course, if you have the software, this is something you could make on your own.

A Fitting Tribute

For some people creating this legacy video is not only a great way to recall a loved one’s life. It can be used at the funeral as part of the service. All your guests can enjoy watching the memories and get a chance to learn more about the life of their dear friend. Getting this ready for the funeral is too difficult for some people. It is understandable that it might be an upsetting task. Perhaps you could ask a family friend to create for you if you are finding the period overwhelming. The other option is to create this after the funeral. This could be a poignant way to mark the first Christmas or birthday after they have passed. Share with family and friends at any time using the link provided by the site. Social media has made it easier to share things with people. This is another way you can make sure the legacy video reaches everyone who would love to see it. For many families, this is a comforting thing to have access to. It can be watched over and over again. The site allows more than one video to be made. This gives you the chance to create more than one video as a tribute to your loved ones.

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