One of the most common questions we get asked are about Paper Sizes & Specifications. We try not use printing terms or jargon but sometimes it is unavoidable.
What exactly is an 4 page or 8 page A5 funeral Order of Service? Don't worry, we will try and explain and this diagram should help.
What size is A5?
A5 is 148mm wide x 210mm high (or 5.82″ x 8.26″). It is 70% of the size of A4.
What does 4 page booklet and 8 page booklet mean?
Take an A4 piece of paper in landscape format. Fold it in half by taking the left edge over to the right edge. Flatten the paper down to create a spine. You now have four sides of A5 instead of two sides of A4.

The front cover will be the right panel of the first page. The back cover will be the left panel of the first page. The reverse of the sheet will contain the inside pages of the brochure. This is a 4 page A5 booklet.

If you do the same again with another A4 and drop one inside the other you will have an 8 pages in total. We staple these together to make an 8 page A5 booklet.
Why do pages have to increase by 4?
This is because it is easier to add another 4 page section like the previous ones. We can just staple it down the spine. It also keeps it simple and easy for people to use.

You can have 10 page booklets but you have to have one 6 page section (a 4 page A5 with an extra A5 flap) and a 4 page A5 section and then decide where to staple it. It all gets very complicated to make – and for people to use.
Can I have a different size?
You can have a different size if you wish. Our designs are bespoke so if you wanted your Funeral Order of Service to be 148mm square, for example, it can be done.

A smaller page size doesn’t reduce the cost as the majority of time is spent setting up the job, printing, stitching and trimming it. The cost of the paper is a small part of the overall cost of producing the Funeral Order of Service.
Got more questions?
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