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4 January 2019

Where Did Funeral Traditions Come From?

4 January 2019,

In this article, we look at where did funeral traditions come from? Funerals are a part of life and something that we will all likely attend at various times. The process might seem unusual, and you may have wondered where these funeral traditions started and how they came about.

funeral photography | Fitting Farewell | Funeral Order of Service specialists
11 October 2018

Funeral Photography

11 October 2018,

Have you heard of Funeral Photography? It may not be something you initially consider but could be a touching way to remember the day.

Catholic funerals explained | Fitting Farewell
13 September 2018

Funerals Explained: Catholic Service

13 September 2018,

A Catholic service might be a little different from other funeral services you have been to. Here is a quick rundown of what happens at Catholic services.

Funeral Traditions | Fitting Farewell | Funeral Order of Service
6 September 2018

Funerals Explained: Funeral Traditions

6 September 2018,

Across the world, you will find a vast variety of funeral traditions that are followed after a person dies. In this article, we look at how funerals and funeral traditions developed in the UK?

Traditional Burial | Fitting Farewell | Funeral Order of Service
1 September 2018

Funerals Explained: Traditional Burial

1 September 2018,

Cremation is the most popular form of funeral, but for many, a burial is preferred. What should you expect from a traditional burial?

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